Better Than Average

a Brotherhood Forged in Fire...

Longtime friends, Ron Waldorf (bass, guitar, backing vocal) and  Donald Benjamin (guitar, piano, lead vocal) have combined forces to form one of the region's most talented and noteworthy musical entities.

Musically, the duo has a legacy of success, dating back to Benjamin's award-winning tenure on the solo circuit. Together, they have forged a bond and musical style that bridges "campfire entertainment with the excitement of an arena performance."

As colorful as the pair is talented, they put on a show that rivals any other. The two have blended a perfect synergy of audible ecstasy.

More telling of the group's talent, however, is the range of award-winning original music they bring to the forefront. The pair has gained accolades from local, regional and national sources, garnering them praise from multiple ends of the entertainment spectrum. 

In 2015, the group has solidified itself with drummer Blaine Gaunt, to finalize a potent musical trio. 

The group has had several notable performances in their short time together, including opening for Average Joe's Entertainment / SONY / Universal artists, the Bilboard-charting group known as REHAB, at the illustrious and historic Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. They have also inked a distribution deal, through Straight Edge Entertainment and an arm of Universal music, which facilitates the placement of their music in international retail markets, beginning in late May 2014.

2014 Review Music Awards: "Best New Artist," "Best Blues Band," "Best Rock Band," "Best Alternative Band"